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Varekort Nita Rita & Ruby - Whose Baby Are You?
Varenavn Nita Rita & Ruby - Whose Baby Are You?
Varenummer JSMR 88378622

Whose Baby Are You?
Nita Rita & Ruby

Audio CD ( Juni 24, 2022)
Original Release Date: 2022
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Jasmine Records (IMPORT)
Genre : Country

NITA, RITA & RUBY were a Country/Pop/Rockabilly teenage "Supergroup", assembled by their record company, comprising ANITA CARTER (i. e. Maybelle Carter's youngest daughter), RITA ROBBINS (who was married to Nashville "A" Team guitarist Ray Edenton), and RUBY WELLS (daughter of Kitty Wells and Johnnie Wright). A relatively short-lived ensemble, they recorded together for just a couple of years, releasing eight 45s on RCA-Victor between 1955-57. Sides like 'Rock Love', 'Lovely Lips', 'Whose Baby Are You?', 'Hi de Ank Tum', 'Leroy', 'Last Night In My Dreams' and '(He Said Yeah) Baby You're The One' are all hugely collectable items. This collection reissues everything that the trio recorded between 1955 and 1957, the first time that this superlative body of work has been compiled together on CD. It features all eight 45rpms; three sides which were not issued at the time; a rare, live clip from The Grand Ole Opry; plus, as bonus tracks, four contemporaneous solo 45s by each of the girls

01. Rock Love
02. Pledging My Love
03. Lovey Lips
04. Give Me Love
05. Whose Baby Are You?
06. But I Love You Just the Same
07. Borrowed Diamonds
08. Whose Baby Are You? (Live)
09. Hi de Ank Tum
10. Jimmy Unknown
11. Leroy
12. Not Any More
13. At the Old Town Hall
14. Last Night in My Dreams
15. Losin' My Baby Again
16. My Man True to Me
17. I Just Won't Care Anymore
18. (He Said Yeah) Baby You're the One
19. You Came to the Prom Alone
20. My Sweet Love Ain't Around
21. Ruby Wells - Hearts of Stone
22. Ruby Wells - You Clobbered Me
23. Anita Carter - Making Believe
24. Rita Robbins - Two Hearts,
- -. Two Kisses -(Make One Love)
- -. (With Don Winters)
25. Anita Carter -
- -. That's What Makes the Jukebox Play
26. Ruby Wells - Rollin' Stone
27. Ruby Wells - Fighting the Blues
28. Anita Carter - Here We Are Again
29. Rita Robbins - Get Away
30. Anita Carter - a Tear Fell
31. Rita Robbins - Before You Go
- -. (With Don Winters)
32. Rita Robbins - Teen-Age Crush
33. Anita Carter - Maybe

Nita Rita & Ruby - Whose Baby Are You?

1stk. 129,95 DKK

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