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Varekort Bobby Bare - Down & Dirty [LIVE]
Varenavn Bobby Bare - Down & Dirty [LIVE]
Varenummer RVEN 243

Down & Dirty...Plus [LIVE]
Bobby Bare

Audio CD (November 2, 2006)
Original Release Date: 2006
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Raven 243 (IMPORT)
Genre : Country
Format: Live

Raven presents, for the first time on CD, one of the greatest live recordings ever! By 1979, BOBBY BARE had been recording for 25 years yet when he strapped on a Fender Telecaster and recorded live in the studio a rough and rowdy album with a bunch of Nashville's finest musicians.
Bonus tracks, circa 1978-1980.

01. Good for Nuthin' Blues
02. Numbers
03. Some Days Are Diamonds
- -. (Some Days Are Stone)
04. Tequila Sheila
05. Rock Star's Lament
06. Crazy Again
07. Tecumseh Valley
08. Blind Willie Harper
09. Rough on the Living
10. Down to My Last Come and Get Me
11. Qualudes Again
12. Goin' Back to Texas
13. I Can't Watch the Movie Anymore

Bonus tracks

14. Gambler
15. This Guitar Is for Sale
16. Goin' Up's Easy, Comin' Downs Hard
17. Sleep Tight, Good Night Man
18. Summer Wages
19. Take Me as I Am (Or Let Me Go)
20. Goodnight Irene
21. (I'm Not) A Candle in the Wind
22. Diet Song

Bobby Bare - Down & Dirty [LIVE]

1stk. 149,00 DKK

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